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Much of who we are is projected through our appearance. One of the most visual ways to express ourselves is by the attention we place on our hair. How should I wear my hair? What cut works best for my face shape? Should I go natural with my hair color or would it be best to enhance it? At Visible Changes Salon we take these questions seriously. Our pledge is to work with you to come up with the best version (vision) of you. Before we ever begin the service, an expert team stylist will sit down and discuss with you your expectations. With that, we can then deliver that precision cut / color that meets those expectations and allows you to achieve that style you seek.


  • Haircut with Color

  • Childs Haircut Only

  • Haircut and Blow Dry Style

  • Men’s Haircut

    $14 to $19


  • Shampoo and Style

  • Shampoo and Blow Out

    from $25
  • Creative Blow Out/Updo Style

    from $40


  • Regular Treatments

    from $15
  • Global Keratin

    from $150

Hair Coloring

  • Partial Highlight

    from $42
  • All Over or Retouch

    from $54
  • Full Highlight/Weave

    from $68

Permanent Wave

  • Partial Perm

    from $42
  • Long Hair

    from $80
  • Regular or Natural Curl